Experiment Number One




These words



to me

B r e a t h l e s s,

from these scars

Do more with your own


R e a s o n s why

I found this

in my skies

you had to go
Linger…. now



So I am playing with what I can and cannot do with this blog in terms of format, color, texture, creating meaning and of course, entertaining myself. I decided to play with the lyrics from Whispers of October by in this moment. My original in google drive is much closer to what I was actually trying to achieve but… sometimes trying to create an artistic expression is best done using the limits of a given medium. That being said what I created through play, is a pale offering compared to any artistic output created by Maria Brink and In This Moment. I hope that using their lyrics as a part of my own, if somewhat insipid, attempts at art does not in any way offend them.

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