Some Notes

So I spent some time thinking about Nietzsche translations and have decided, since I have access to three or four translations for Human, All Too Human that I’m not just going to pick a translation but I’m going to synthesis what I find fits the flow of any given aphorism best. I will also be changing some words that I find inhibit the flow of what is being said. When you lay these translations down next to each other you can see startling differences in approach. I think that by picking the best lines and words from multiple translations and smoothing out the word choice from time to time that I will better capture the underlying ebb and flow that Nietzsche seemed to be aiming for

I had some qualms about this at first but I sat down with one of the aphorisms and went through using this style and I ended up with, what I think, is a much better encapsulation of what was being said and implied. I also am not teaching in a high level philosophy course or trying to pretend that I understand everything Nietzsche was trying to say, ultimately anyone who really wants to dig into it needs to go get some of the translations themselves and simply read. But philosophy isn’t just about reading older philosophers, it’s about the thoughts and inspirations that we have when we do so, and for that I find it much more inspiring to do it this way.

I also may be adding some of “The Will To Power” to keep things mixed up, and of course I don’t plan every blog post to be about or inspired by Nietzsche. I have a few other projects that I’m working on and enjoying that I would like to share at some point. Anyone who reads even one of my posts and enjoyed it or walks away thinking about something in a new way, thank you for taking the time to read my words.

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