Unpretentious Truths

Estimation of Unpretentious Truths

One example of Nietzsche’s genius is welding together speaking harsh truths and using the aphorism as the means of expressing them. Most philosophers write themselves into meaninglessness. A small group of “professional” philosophers buy each others books which tend to be character studies of philosophers that have come before. Which is not to say that progress is not being made, but all too often the philosopher is obtuse, esoteric and stretches their ideas across a scaffolding of dense and obscure language. A sort of unconscious desire to make their work inaccessible.

It is the mark of a higher culture to value the little unpretentious truths which have been discovered by means of rigorous method more highly than the errors handed down by metaphysical and artistic ages and men.

Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

Nietzsche is giving fair warning here of what the scientific age was bringing about, while defining truth in such a way as to take all of the shock and awe of grand metaphysical babbling and throw it in the trash. No more visions guiding the flocks, no more statements of grand designs from beings that have no earthly form. No more myths of titans, demons and hunters in the dark waiting to tear someone into pieces. Nietzsche warns of an age of measuring, defining ever smaller things, of small triumphs of knowledge. The knowledge of the affects of gravity, the power of electricity and the careful observation of earthly phenomena slowly taking precedent over the fragile over-excited ego’s hiding in priests robes or shuttered in an attic slashing paint across the canvass in an attempt to bring together the symbolic with the real.

That which has been attained by laborious struggle, the certain, enduring and thus of significance for any further development of knowledge is nonetheless higher; to adhere to it is manly and demonstrates courage, simplicity, and abstemiousness.

Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

Here Nietzsche has let slip a glimpse into his early ideas on strength and power. He views the consistent application of prior knowledge as building blocks to slowly creep ever forward into progress as a sign of power. The idealogue, the authoritarian, the metaphysicians, none of these types need to apply. what is needed is a more subterranean form of soul. Those who look inward to find what they know and what they do not. The patient soul that can calmly build new edifices for knowledge. Is it any wonder in our modern age that these types rage so much?

With an idealogue currently warming the chair in the white, trusting in his own paranoia and meaningless anger to guide him to… well where to exactly? Trump is the perfect marriage of an idealogue soaked and stained through with a sort of petty nihilism. The type of feeble soul that prefers destruction of anything and everything around him so long as it makes him feel better. Anyone whose had a relationship with a narcissist or borderline person can see the vast emptiness that lies at the center. This is what the scientific age has brought out, instead of seeing power and a will to win, we all can see the giant emptiness that seeks out sensation, any sensation that will give it the false feeling of being.

The best truths are the small and ugly truths. and they may be the only truths that exist in the first place. I place no trust in large truths that require leaps of faith and a willing blindness to all that is lacking. A truth that floats across the world as a cloud, that can be seen but cannot be contained or defined, is no truth at all. It is madness given form, an attack on all that could allow humanity to not just survive but thrive. What we watch now is the death throes of an entire portion of humanity. Of course the most dangerous animal is one that is wounded and cornered, there is no telling what damage will come once the nihilist overcomes the the idealogue and egoist.

As a side note, if anyone out there has some weird, cool, esoteric or just plain can’t be defined art that they would be willing to let me use in my blog, I would love to have original artwork to share along with my babbling, rambling thought process!

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