In Good Faith

Can one recall the last time that the conservative movement of The United States has made an argument in good faith? I am not offended by the differing opinions between myself and those who label themselves as republican, I am offended that the arguments they make, and perhaps this was always the case, are hardly ever the real argument. At any given time if one were to look at the supposed rationale for why a politician or group wants some law, or claims to believe X or Y, it’s painfully obvious what their real intent is.

And perhaps that is what offends me so badly about their bad faith arguments, not just the fact that they are in bad faith but that they hardly try to prove otherwise. It’s hard to take a political group seriously when they try to pass a law outlawing abortion of 6 weeks and claim it’s because at 6 weeks the fetus is now a human being and it’s all about the children, when in truth they really want to outlaw abortion completely. They aren’t shy about admitting that goal either in any other circumstance, but they throw up false fronts as they go about trying to attain this goal.

Even more than that though, the members of the party itself cannot truly lay claim to a “moral mandate” to seek such restrictions on others. How one can argue that abortion is wrong because human life has inherent value and human life begins at conception (which is a stupid argument in itself but hardly needs to be addressed at this time) and then turn around and support the death penalty, the separation of children from their parents so long as they are immigrants and what seems to be an incredibly unhealthy attachment to guns. Leaving aside whether any one of these arguments is internally coherent, they certainly cannot exist together in one person and be taken seriously.

Lets start with the death penalty. If human life has inherent value (IE if we are modeled on a higher power and have a soul and as such have some spiritual value as soon as we come into existence) this is not a value that can be removed by our actions. Either ending a human life, whether a fetus or someone on death row, is not within the purview of the government or it is. Any argument of necessity over morality in terms of the death penalty is even stronger when speaking of abortion.

If the life of children is so important when it comes to abortion, why is it then all right to brutalize children who are traveling with their immigrant parents? Since the argument against abortion has nothing to do with the constitution and everything to do with morality and “protecting the child” then why does this ONLY apply to children still in the womb? The same political party that finds abortion so abhorrent is perfectly fine with the abuse, negligence and outright cruelty being foisted on immigrants travelling to The United States.

All of the recent massacres in recent years have been accomplished using guns and some of the worse of them have been targeted at children. Yet the same party that is so offended at women taking control of their own body, threatens blood revolution over their “right” to own one type of object. If they were really concerned about the well being of children in general, if they were really being driven by any sort of moral reasoning, they wouldn’t fight against any and all regulation over guns. Moreover the argument that owning a gun is somehow more of an inherent right than a woman’s ability to have control over their own body isn’t just incoherent, it’s stupid.

As the republican party descends more and more into complete incoherence when it comes to it’s goals and reasoning, the more reliant on the idiotically hateful, the weak willing and fragile egos driven not by some overriding philosophy or truth, morality or god, or even a desire to see tomorrow be a better day than today, but driven by the gaping maw inside themselves that they see in the mirror. The fear that breeds their irrational hatred is that voice that resides in their head telling them that in truth, they really are worthless human beings. they have no inherent value, no meaning, and no skills beyond getting angry. Relying on groups that are driven by existential dread is barely workable short term, and lethal in the long term.

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